YEAR 0 – 2 STATIONERY: Year 0-2 Stationery will be provided by the school and payment needs to be made before school starts 2023 (For year 0, this is for students starting term 1 & 2. Terms 3 & 4 students please pay prior to your child starting school). As per previous years we have researched and agreed on a stationery package at a competitive price which ensures quality and consistency. Please note that pencils, glue-sticks, coloured pencils etc will be co-ordinated as a ‘shared’ classroom set. Therefore, these items will not be individually named.


OPTION 1: SHOP ONLINE: Online ordering of Stationery is available through Office max: Go to and select Hillview Christian school. A brochure will be sent home with the eldest child with more information on this ordering process.

OPTION 2: SHOP IN STORE: Paper plus Barrington has the Hillview Stationery list for you to shop instore (Please ask for your child’s 2023 year group).

OPTION 3: LISTS BELOW: Stationery Lists are available below so you can purchase anywhere. *Please select the correct year group for 2023.

Year 3 Stationery list

Year 4 Stationery list

Year 5 Stationery list

Year 6 Stationery list

Year 7 Stationery list

Year 8 Stationery list

Year 9 Stationery list

Year 10 Stationery list