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Great Aural Training

The following website allows you to sign up for free and then play the games up to level 3.  There are some great games here to help develop your aural skills. http://trainer.thetamusic.com/ The screen shot below shows some of the available games.  There are plenty more on the site.  Try some out!


Alto and Tenor Clefs

The following blogspot gives a very clear explanation of the alto and tenor clefs.  Year 10 music students wanting to go through to NCEA next year might like to check out this page: http://musictheoryblog.blogspot.co.nz/2006/12/alto-and-tenor-clefs.html


Brain Fireworks!

What happens in our brains when we make music? This is an interesting clip that explains some amazing facts. Listening to music causes fireworks in our brains!! But playing music “is the brain’s equivalent of a full body work out” (Anita Collins). Enjoy this interesting lesson by Anita Collins by following this link:  


Band 2015

  MUSIC LESSONS www.csm.org.nz The Christchurch School of Music ‘Outreach Band Programme’ is back again in 2015 at Hillview Christian School. Instrument lessons and the training band for all beginners commences on Monday 16th  Feb at 8am. All returning students need to re-enrol this week! If you are interested in joining the band programme there …

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