Student Stationery for 2021

If your child is in Years 3-10 in 2021, you can download the stationery lists here. Alternatively, you can visit to purchase via our school fundraiser.

Students In Alpha Team (Year 0-2)
As per previous years we have researched and agreed on a stationery package at a competitive price which ensures quality and consistency. It is important that young children have consistency, and this includes having uniform, quality stationery. Please note that pencils, glue-sticks, coloured pencils etc., will be coordinated as a ‘shared’ classroom set. Therefore, these items will not be individually named. 

Due to the age and stage of students there are different requirements and therefore class stationery package prices will vary.

Below is the cost for each class. Please pay for your child’s stationery in full before 12th February 2021.

Payments can be made to Hillview Christian School – 03 1598 0061426 01. Please use “STATIONERY”,  as the reference.

NE Term 1 & 2 Room 13 – Mrs. Rossouw $45.96

NE Term 3 & 4 Room 13 – Mr Tim Wang $28.90

NE / Year 1 Room 12 – Mrs. Thew $49.55

Year 1 Room 11 – Mrs. Bricknell $52.62

Year 2 Room 4 – Miss Vanderpyl $43.43

Year 2 Upstairs Gym Mr. Nicholson $47.57