Hillview Ukulele Club Is Back!

Kia ora Koutou!

We are re-starting the “Hillview Community Beginners Ukulele Club” in term 4
Who is the club for?
Any student or family member of Hillview Christian Schoo- Please note any student in years 0-2 will also need to find a family member to learn with them. We’d love to see some grandparents, parents, stepparents, caregivers join students and learn together.
Have no skills but always liked the idea of a sing-a-long and know you’d look great with a ukulele? Then you are just the right person to say yes!
What will it cost?
You will need your own ukulele. If you don’t own a ukulele then ask around, borrow from friends, check TradeMe.
The main thing for the ukulele is that it needs to hold its tune. If you are considering buying one, then see Buying a Ukelele below.
Admin and printing fee – there will be a small booklet containing chord charts and music. This will cost $10 and will be added to your school account.
Everything else is free – the tutors are donating their time.
What time?
7:50-8am Ukulele tuning assistance.
8:00-8:30am All in learning together
Every Wednesday during term 4 starting on Wednesday 14th Oct.
In the upstairs classroom in the gym
Who is running it?
Parents Rory Jones, Miriam Fisher and Stefan Lendnal will run the club
How do I sign up?
Follow this link and sign up. www.shorturl.at/bcn08 Sign ups close Monday 12th Oct. Please note the group size will be limited so we recommend signing up sooner rather than later

Buying a Ukulele
Ukuleles come in a range of prices generally from about $60. A great ukulele for beginners is the Aria ACU-6 (www.shorturl.at/pqGS2), this normally retails for $69.95 but we can get a discounted price of $54.49 if you contact me on stefanlendnal@hotmail.com

Some local music shops are:
Beggs – 53 Brisbane St, Sydenham,
Rockshop – Shop 2 / 1-5 Amyes Rd, Hornby
MusicWorks – 569 Colombo Street, City and 103 Riccarton Rd
MusicPlanet 104A Riccarton Rd, RiccartoN
For more information or questions email: stefanlendnal@hotmail.com