Returning To School Information

1.1 Pupils will need to bring back all learning materials including all exercise books, pencil case etc
1.2 They will also need to bring a packed lunch IN A CONTAINER and their OWN filled WATER BOTTLE. The water fountains will not be in use. 
1.3  Pupils will need to wear winter uniform unless they are waiting for ordered items of clothing from the uniform shop. NB: Hand sanitiser and soap will be provided for pupils
2.1 School is running the normal hours. Pupils should not arrive before 8.15am and leave by 3.25pm.

2.2 Parents will be able to drive in and use the DROP-OFF zone on the Junior Campus to drop of their child/ren. However, they will need to stay in their car and leave as soon as possible. No sign in/out needed.
2.3 Parents will be able to drive in and park in the Gamblins Road carpark on the Senior Campus to drop off their child/ren. However, they will need to stay in their car and leave as soon as possible. No sign in/out needed.
2.4  In order to meet CONTACT TRACING GUIDELINES ALL ADULTS must SIGN IN/SIGN OUT if they walk onto the school site (Junior campus drop off point)(Senior Campus drop off point) for any reason (this also includes children who do not attend HCS).
2.5  Parents can SIGN IN/OUT either by using the QR Code provided on the yellow posters around the campuses (see instructions here) OR by SIGN IN/OUT at the school office on Junior Campus (this is for BOTH Campuses)

2.5 Y0-2 Classes will be brought out to the gym entrance and released at the following times:
      Y0 and Y1 classes: 2.50pm, Y2 classes: 2.55pm 
2.6 The DROP OFF zone will not be accessible for cars
      All other classes (Y3-10) will be released out of their rooms at the normal time

2.7  Any parent visting the school DURING SCHOOL HOURS must SIGN IN/OUT at school office and will be issued with a visitors lanyard.
2.8  Any parent who wishes to meet a teacher should arrange an appropriate time and place to meet with that teacher. The parent MUST still SIGN IN/OUT either using the QR code, the school office OR the teacher records it.

NB: When parents visit the school at ANYTIME, please observe the physical distancing of 2m from any adult/child that you do not know. Otherwise, a 1m distancing from others is a good guideline to follow. 

3.1 We would like ALL of the school chrome books returned (with the charger) on the following days:
      THIS Friday 15 May (drop at school office)
      THIS Monday 18 May (drop at gym foyer)
3.2 Please ensure this is done as teachers will be waiting to use them with their pupils at school.

It is important that we all work together and follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that we meet all the health and safety requirements and people feel safe and secure to attend the school. 

Psalm 28:7 – The LORD is MY STRENGTH and MY SHIELD!