Moving to Alert Level 3

1. Please read this section when considering if this applies to your child/ren.

1.0 When considering whether to send your child/ren, the key message is that if you can, you should keep your child/ren at home. The PM has mentioned that we can extend our bubbles and this could be a viable option for looking after your children if needed. 
1.1   Lermontov You should only physically send your child/ren to school if you need to.
1.2   If your child has at greater risk of a severe illness you must keep them home
1.3  If your child/ren is sick, please also ensure you keep them at home
1.4 The children who do attend will continue with their online learning programme and will most likely will be looked after by a staff member that is not their normal classroom teacher. 

2. Please read this section through with understanding that school will operate very differently under Alert Level Three than how it operated before we went into lockdown. 

NB: In order to ensure safety of pupils and staff, we will need to operate with strict enforcement of health and safety measures to ensure we meet the public health requirements. 

2.0  Children will be placed in a bubble of up to no more than 10 pupils. 
2.1  They will stay in that bubble all day and most likely not see any other child other than those in their bubble.
2.2  Children will not able to mix with other pupils from other bubbles. 
2.3  Each bubble will most likely have different start and finish times and most likely have different break times while using different toilets.
2.4  Children will be allocated a space to sit that is 1m away from anyone else. That will be their space.
2.5  Children will be doing exactly the same online learning activities as those who are at home
2.6  Pupils will be required to bring their own drink bottle, morning tea, and lunch and possibly their own device for online learning (due to many of our devices having been given out to families). 
2.7  School playgrounds will be out-of-bounds.
2.8  No parents/other bubble members should enter beyond the main entrance to comply with health and safety.
2.9  There is no before or after school care available
3.0  No child should be at school before 8:45am and should be picked up no later than 3pm.

3. Please read this section and fill in the survey if, having read the sections above, you choose to send your child to school in Alert Level Three. 

3.0 This survey is ONLY for parents who will be sending their child/ren to school during Alert Level 3.
3.1 This survey covers from Wednesday 29 April through to Friday 8th May inclusive.
3.2  NB: If your situation changes during this time and you need to send your child to school, you will need to email me personally and give us appropriate forewarning. There is a risk that if you turn up unexpectedly with your child/ren, we may not be able to accommdate them due to safety reasons. 
3.3 The survey needs to be completed by 12:30pm Thursday 23rd April. 

Please click on this link to go to the survey: Hillview Christian School – Covid 19 Level 3 Parent Survey