Stationery 2020

Stationery and Materials

Over the course of the year some stationery items might need to be replaced. Your child’s class teacher may request extra items for your child, you can supply these yourself or these will be supplied by the office and added to your account.

The school office stocks the following: 

(Prices at end of 2019)

Item Price
Biro (blue and red) 0.60
Glue Stick 2.80
Library Folder 4.95
Learners Pencil 0.95
Pencil (HB) 0.50
Pencil Sharpener – small 0.65
Pencil Sharpener – large (2 hole) 1.70
Reading Folder 4.35
Rubber 0.50
Ruler 0.55
Whiteboard Marker (black & blue only) 2.55

Important please note: 

For pupils in Years 3-10, please buy your bulk stationery at the beginning of each year either at a stationery specialty shop or through our School Supplies fundraiser ( that is sent out at the end of each year.  For stationery requirements for students in Years 3 – 10 please click here.

New Entrants, (Mrs Smith), New Entrants / Year 1, (Mrs Rossouw) , Years 1 and 2

All stationery requirements for New Entrants to Year 2 children will be provided by the school and charged to accounts prior to commencing school each year. If parents wish to purchase their child’s stationery, a list will be available from the office and the website.   In addition to the stationery provided by the school, all children will need a library folder, a reading folder and an art shirt (an old adult t-shirt is fine).  These can be reused from year to year.  Library and reading folders are available for purchase from the school office.