School Photos

School photos went really well yesterday, it was great to see the vast majority of pupils wearing correct uniform and taking care with their appearance. The only things picked up was a few with hair that is a bit long and a few wearing incorrect studs in their ears; please note the wording in the school handbook regarding hair and jewellery:


  • Girls with hair that is past the collar must have it tied up. It must not cover any part of the face – hair must be clipped back if covering any part of the face or is falling onto the face
  • Boys hair styles needs to be acceptable with the hair off the collar and face
  • The principal will arbitrate on what is acceptable
  • Any hair additives must not change the natural colour of the hair

NB: These principles are not optional

Hair accessories –Navy/black hair ties and headbands or ribbons (hair clips are to be plain – not fancy or coloured)

 Jewellery/ Makeup/ Nail Polish

No jewellery (except for a small, plain stud in the earlobe worn by girls), makeup or nail polish shall be worn at school. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that this regulation is kept. Necklaces are not to be worn unless permission is given by senior leadership, and if this is given, they are not to be visible. There should be no bracelets of any kind, unless worn for medical purposes.



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