Grit! Film Festival

Hillview Christian School’s Premiere Film Festival 2018: GRIT

This year, we entered unchartered territory with an alternative to a school production — A Film Festival. We co-produced 5 original films with our student writers, film crews, and actors and then showcased them for our live audience who then casted their votes on the 8 awards categories. The films were integrated with other live performances on the night such as MC skits, Songs, Dances, and Spoken Word Poetry. The night also featured a Live Red Carpet before the show, and a Live Awards Ceremony. 

Congratulations to all our winners! And a big thank-you to everyone who helped make this event possible. 

Here is the link to our original song, “Find My Way”:

Below is the Spoken Word Poem from the show:

I can’t do it
It’s too hard

It’s not worth it
I’m not enough
Nothing will ever change in these circumstances
It’s only caused me pain giving second chances
I will just put the blame for my inadequacies onto the world because it’s easier that way
Easier than trying, easier than failing, easier than hoping, easier than changing
I’ll stick to what I know, I’ll go where I’ve always gone,
I’ll give up when I want, and I’ll want what you’ve got.
Oh, I tried branching out once, I believed in myself,
but these limbs got cut down, and they never grew back out.
So don’t tell me to keep trying, or that I can do what I cannot
I’m comfortable here, I’m at peace with my lot

I’ve already made my mind up about what they think of me,
whether or not they do, I agree and I see everything as proof of the lies I have told myself;
I’m easily offended, easily angered, impossible to help

I’m bound by the outcomes of the past
Nothing I build ever seems to last longer than it takes for me to self-sabotage
I camouflage my insecurities with false humility at large
I am stuck.
It’s unachievable, unsolvable, unfixable, impossible
I just can’t.

That was the worldview from which I looked out
My mindset determined by the emotions I felt
My limitations set by the cards I’d been dealt
I needed help

And just when I reached out,
I felt my hardened heart concave and soften
like clay being refashioned on the Potter’s wheel
I swirled around, my walls coming down

but strong hands held me safe either side as I healed
Hands that knew the pain that I could feel,
hands with holes from nails worn with zeal, for the joy set before you of setting me free
hands that bring hope and show us who we were meant to be
And as my whole being collapsed inward, like a beautifully painful remedy
I could see you—whose body was broken for me—now broke me so I could be a vessel for you
And I am thankful, Jesus, that by your grace,
I was used by you even in my wonky shape,
Still seen by you though in such a dark place
Redeemed for Your glory in my broken state
it’s never too late to become a new creation
Because my God’s in the business of renovation
Because of His Son there is now no condemnation,

Just expectation and the revelation that

it’s not about what I can do with what I’ve got
but what you have already accomplished at the cross
When I was lost you found me and brought me back
Filled me up with your life and sealed every crack where I lacked

I’m not patched up, you take it further than that
Now I boast in my weakness, there your power is made perfect
And I will rest in you, knowing any suffering’s worth it
I will stand firm in the knowledge that you can do all things
Immeasurably more than we can possibly dream
And should I crumble again, I’ll not fear or despair
For my Maker is at work, and is crafting me with care, you are there
So let me hear and help me understand
That as I’m pulled, stretched, and kneaded, it’s the work of your hand
A new courage now consumes me, for it isn’t my own
You have shown me your truth, I am never alone
‘I can’ do anything through Christ who strengthens me
The greatest hope in this life is your proven victory, I am free
And will be with you for all eternity
This is me.