Orana Park

This past Friday the Year 0-2s were able to visit Orana Park. They had quite the adventure that day:

We are all ready and waiting to go in to see all the animals. What we didn’t know was that they were also waiting to see us.
Here is a group having a seat while watching the Gibbons

While the students were much shorter than it, the giraffe still took time to come over for a visit.
Of course it might have had something to do with the fact that the students were giving it food.
The Tiger wasn’t too interested in visiting that day.
Although it did pause for a pose.
The Lions just wanted to take a nap and ignored us…..except for when they were camera shy.
This Peacock kept a close eye on those having lunch.
The Springbok Welcoming Committee did it’s job beautifully. After surveying us for a while……..
…….They allowed us to survey them.
The llama was especially glad that we came. Otherwise it would have missed this tasty treat!
It’s pretty fun getting watched by animals all day!
“Oh, good. I’ll just settle down for my favorite show: ‘KIDS!'”


Overall I think it was a great day! For kids and animals alike!